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Guitar Lessons Pro Affiliates Program

Become a Guitar Lessons Pro affiliate and you will receive a 25% commission on all Guitar Lessons Pro orders placed by referrals from your websites, newsletters, e-zines or e-mails.

What Does It Mean to Become an Affiliate?
When you become an affiliate we provide you with a link to an affiliate Guitar Lessons Pro web page. You can display and promote this link along with other Guitar Lessons Pro sales related material (which will be provided to you) on your web sites, in your newsletters, e-zines or e-mails. When people go to the affiliate web page and purchase Guitar Lessons Pro you will receive a 25% commission on the sale. That's it! It's easy, it costs you nothing except for a few minutes of your time to get set up as an affiliate, it's risk free and you earn money for each sale that you refer. Once the visitor arrives at the affiliate site your part is completed. We take care of everything else...charging the credit cards, shipping the orders and providing any customer support. It is easy money for you since you are getting paid to refer customers to our affiliate sales site.

What You Can Earn
Guitar Lessons Pro affiliate products range in price from $39 to $83. Each order could earn you anywhere between $9.75 to $20.75. Our experience suggests that focused target audiences lead to higher sales, with about 1% to 3% of visitors making a purchase.

Getting Started
Becoming a Guitar Lessons Pro Affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by SellShareware.com, a specialist in affiliate programs.

To get started, Click here to sign up with SellShareware.

After entering and submitting information you will then receive an e-mail with details about your SellShareware account.

After you have signed up with SellShareware by following the above instructions then go to the following web pages to register with the particular Guitar Lessons Pro affiliate products:
  • Guitar Lessons Pro Ultimate Guitar Learning Toolkit - sells for $73 (including shipping and handling), you earn $18.25 per order that you refer!
  • Guitar Lessons Pro Beginners Bundle - sells for $39 (including shipping and handling), you earn $9.75 per order that you refer!
  • Guitar Lessons Pro Intermediate Bundle - sells for $39 (including shipping and handling), you earn $9.75 per order that you refer!

Once at the Guitar Lessons Pro Affiliate Info Pages please pay special attention to the "Link to URL" information. This is the link that you are going to promote.

Also pay special attention to the "Affiliate Info URL". This will provide you with promotional materials that will increase your referral earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Will it cost me anything to be an affiliate?
Answer : No. You will only make money from your referrals. There are no costs to you at all

Question : Are there any financial risks for me?
Answer : None at all. As mentioned previously it costs you nothing to join the program and you will only make money from your referrals.

Question : Can I quit at any time?
Answer : Yes, just stop listing the affiliate link at any time. It is totally in your control.

Question : How long will it take to setup the affiliate account?
Answer : Only a few minutes of your time to enter and submit your information on a web page

Question : How long will it take for the new account to be in effect?
Answer : Immediately after you create the account

Question : When and how will I get paid?
Answer : You will be paid by check from SellShareware on a monthly basis

Question : How do I find out if I have referred any sales and have earned commissions?
Answer : You will have access to your sales statistics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Question : Will I receive any sales promotion materials?
Answer : Yes, these will be provided on the "Affiliate Info URL" section included on the Guitar Lessons Pro Affiliate Info Page

Question : So what do I do after the account is setup and I receive the promotional materials?
Answer : You start promoting the web page link, listed as "Link to URL" on the Guitar Lessons Pro Affiliate Info Page. You can promote this web page on your web sites, newsletters, e-zines and e-mails. Once people start going to the web page by clicking on your affiliate link and purchasing Guitar Lessons Pro then you will start earning commissions

Question : If a customer links to you site from mine and doesn't buy, but later returns to your site to purchase...will your affiliates still receive the credit?
Answer : Yes you will receive the credit since the affiliate software uses cookies to track activities.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail us at

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