Celeb wardrobe malfunction unedited

When celebrities attend high profile events dressed to the nines in designer gowns, the last thing they want is for anything to spoil the photos that will inevitably be taken of them by celeb wardrobe malfunction unedited press. But sometimes certain things out of their control do just that! Celebrities want to look their best. After all, they’re judged mercilessly for their appearances.

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Famous wardrobe malfunctions

Carrie Underwood has a fool-proof way to protect against wardrobe malfunctions. Beneath each dress or short skirt, she wears famous wardrobe malfunctions pair of shorts. That way, if she falls, the fans in the front five rows don’t get way, way more than they paid for. Dolly Parton and Julianne Hough also make this list of country stars who’ve been faced with wardrobe malfunctions, and there’s picture proof for each disaster.

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Actress wardrobe malfunction

47 0 0 0 13 6. Wardrobe malfunctions at the Oscars are any actor’s worst nightmare. But for nominated star Margot Robbie, a bit of a gown snafu was not going to hold her back from continuing to enjoy Hollywood’s big night. Wearing a custom-designed Chanel Haute Couture gown embellished with elaborately beaded straps around the bodice and arms, the I, Tonya actor didn’t seem to have any actress wardrobe malfunction with the dress on the red carpet.

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