Opp moment

Wij adviseren u het later nogmaals te proberen. Drive opp moment opponents crazy as you sink a ton of putts and take their money. Every putt looks like it’s going in. These photos show professional golfers using the Slot Trainer Putting System.

These 3 golfers have earned millions on tour. To keep playing their best, these and many other prose use the Slot Trainer Putting System. I’ve spent the better part of 40 years analyzing the world’s best golfers. And here’s what I can tell you about perfect putting. At impact, the putter head must be square to the target. You need to hit the ball in the putter’s sweet spot. You must feel what it takes to make a stroke that gets the putter head square to the target and rolling the ball toward the target.

Get these 4 things right and you’ll sink a ton of putts. First of all, let me say something important about the putting stroke itself. YOUR PUTTER HEAD MUST BE COMPLETELY SQUARE TO THE INTENDED LINE. I can spend hours talking about putting with a student. I can show them how to putt. SEES perfect alignment at set up.

To help students achieve fast results on the putting green, Jon created the Slot Trainer Putting System. There are two parts to the system. Use some tees to fix the Ball Path Trainer to the putting green. This helps you get perfectly aligned.

Set up some tees at the width of your putter head. This gets your putter head square to the ball at impact. It also means you make sweet spot contact. The Ball Path Trainer lets you putt from real grass so there’s no skidding off plastic. Set up some tees at the front of the putter to form a gate. To hit the ball through the gate, you must have perfect path and the putter must be square to the target. The Ball Path Trainer lines up with the intended target line.